Goal for 2018-19

As part of #MTBoSBlaugust, I’ve been reading blog after blog after blog of great ideas, inspirational first day ideas, and more.  Recently I read @Druinok ‘s post on goals for the year, and I realized that I haven’t actually reflected on or determined my actual goals for the year.  I was able to get some ideas down at the end of last year.  Here’s what I wrote in May:

I will maximize student engagement with the use of small group instruction and student centered learning opportunities.

Action Steps:

  • Use of small group instruction at least 2 times a week.
  • Creation of differentiated student-centered learning opportunities determined by formative assessment data.

I’m in a new building this year, teaching 3 new classes.  Right now it’s hard to think about actual teaching strategies when frankly I’m just focused on content planning.  I’ve spent most of the summer writing assessments and skill lists – which have evolved and changed several times already.

I’m just wondering if my goal should be simpler somehow.  I like it as it’s written.  I guess I’m just wondering if I can pull it off.


Peace, Love, Math… ~MSH


Author: Megan Heine

I am a HS math teacher - teaching Algebra 2, Geometry, Financial Literacy, and Prob & Stats. I am loud, passionate, intense, and fanatical about students, math, INB's, Apple, Google, and softball. I read a book a week, get up at 4am, and change my hair every year.

4 thoughts on “Goal for 2018-19”

  1. I like the goal as written, but maybe it’s a multi-tiered goal with mini-goals throughout the year (or even years?) Could you break it into smaller, more doable chunks?


    1. Yes – that is exactly what I’m working on now – how to break it down and how to measure so I can tell if I’m being successful.


  2. What if you did action steps around your summative assessments? That’s an easy time to check and make adjustments for next section.


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